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3 - Days Online Journey

Experience 3 days  to start your day in Silence. Most of the time one of the first things we do when we wake up is talking with others, check our device or leave your home right away when you wake up. during this

3 -  Days -  Online -  Journey you can  experience how it is to Take Time for yourself before you do anything else. 

Why should you join? 

It's very common that we are not used to being silent in the morning after we wake up. Often you will learn this during a retreat for example and a lot of people experience ' peace within ' and better able to listen to their Inner Self. It's also hard to do this on your own so I'm very inspired to organize this valuable 3 - days Online Journey. You will add so much value in your life when you integrate silent mornings in your life.  

What you will learn

You will learn about how your mind works

You will learn techniques to observe and calm     your mind

You will learn how to improve your life with taking time ( special for those   who are always out of time)

You will learn how to focus better

You will learn how to deepen your contact with your Inner Self ( some call this your Higher Self) 

You will learn how much value you create for your life and other people around you when you take time to be silent. 

You will learn how to use your mind instead of being used by your mind. 

You will learn that you have your mind to solve problems instead of creating them. 

You will learn that you have that same magic silence and wisdom inside you as you can find in Nature. 

You will feel your ' true self ' or your ' inner self ' . 


How does it work? 


To join this 3 - Days Online Journey is very easy: Enroll here and receive a complete 3 -day program with voice messages, a workbook and lot's of more inspiration.

And an important note here: Once you have apply and follow this inspiring 3 - days  Online Journey you have learned how to integrate Silent Mornings in your future life. As you will experience the benefits of this. 


Folllow daily:

-  Inspiration 

- Personal Voice Messages

- Guided Meditations 

- Beautiful Inspiration for your Workbook



*You will be invited to receive about 30 - 45 minutes 

every morning of your time 





Silent Morning 3 - Days Online Journey - in your own time!

€ 47,00Prijs
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