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Walk your path

Every year millions of birds migrate from the Netherlands to the South. To hibernate far away from their breeding ground. They flee worse conditions such as frost and little food. I find it a particularly fascinating phenomenon. And I have already delved quite deeply into this.

There are two main routes:

The Eastern - which runs along the Arctic regions, Scandinavia, Germany, over the Alps to Italy and via the Bosphorus to Africa.

The Western - which runs from Scandinavia, the Netherlands, France, Spain and goes via the Strait of Gibraltar to the African countries south of the Sahara.

When I am in Tarifa in the autumn, it is a joy to see all the species flying or landing. And also so special: suddenly you hear 'our' spring birds such as the song thrush. Or you see an entire colony of storks flying overhead. Because the Strait of Gibraltar is so narrow, all birds gather here to complete the exciting journey across the sea. They are there all of a sudden: as if someone is turning the volume knob.

It is a celebration of recognition and spring is back.

I find it so amazing that they all know exactly where they are going. They blindly trust this inner compass. The journey is definitely not without danger and that is why I think they are very brave. And yet they go...some alone and with those little wings they make a very long lonely journey.

We humans are also equipped with this 'inner compass', but we do not always rely on it. Often, in retrospect, when you were in your difficult situation, you can think: I knew it wasn't good for me...'. Or 'I knew it, if only I had trusted my feelings'.

Listening to your 'inner compass' is quite difficult, with all the noise you experience in your life. One person says this, another thinks the same and then all the different movements and opinions nowadays...

Back to yourself and your essence and feeling who you are is a beautiful path. Sometimes a lonely path, but good if the song thrush can do it... From there your strength flows and you can determine your course.

The programs I offer, such as: Golden Bird or the SoulPath program, support you in your own process. They help you remove the noise and you discover for yourself what your essence is.


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