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start your day F R E S H

Hello Morning

20 - 22 Juni 2024

Do you want to start your day with ENERGY and JOY? Want to let everything flow into your body before you leave the house? Want more out of your day? Want to wake up from your hibernation? Are you looking forward to the day? Live in the NOW? Then join this delicious, wonderfully refreshing 3-day Challenge! 


Start your day differently

After the winter you often run out of energy reserves and it is time for a BOOST! Breaking a pattern takes time, patience and discipline and give yourself this push and push.

What you learn

After this 3 day Challenge:

      - you have broken a pattern and are starting your day fresh

- you understand why you would start the day with yoga

 - you have learned simple yoga postures that give you energy


     - you have discovered a wonderful morning ritual

-  are you completely ready for SPRING?

- say YES to energy and being fit



What will be your daily start to your day

-  You start your day with  respiratory - technology and      mindfulness exercise

-  Yoga poses for flexibility, strength and detox

-  Refreshing end relaxation

-  Intention of the day

-  A daily email for inspiration & support

-  A new wonderful yoga flow playlist every day via    SpotiFy

-  Daily tips on nutrition & cleaning.

-  Yoga postures that cleanse your organs.

-  Relationship Spring season & your body.

What you can do after the challenge

This Challenge gives you that wonderful Spring energy Boost

-  After this challenge you will be super motivated to    day with a new and start an energetic ritual. 

-   Have you learned 3 different yoga flows to gain more and       to get energy.

-    Have you learned  breathing exercises to keep you fit and          to feel energetic.

-    Are you super disciplined to do this ME -   every day?    Time to give a moment. 

-    Do you know how to get much more fun and energy out of a day      gets.

--    Do you understand that when you challenge yourself, you also gain some        gets in return: energy, fitness and peace.

-    Learn to start your day with a calm mind. (and        you notice how your day goes differently.


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