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Silent Full Moon Circle


You can participate from the comfort of your own home. On this page I will give you some inspiration on how to do this.


Your own circle

I really like shells and I use them to make a circle. But you can also use pine cones, leaves, stones  etc. use. Use objects that you really have a feeling for. It really is so much fun to do.

This is how you create your own ritual

On the day of the ceremony I make sure that I am completely aligned with the names I have written down. I dress in light colors and place the names one by one in the circle. I pronounce every name, every intention. I light the candles and incense  The ceremony starts with a meditation and visualization. I imagine everyone sitting at the circle, in person. In the background I have healing music and I thank the Universe  for the gifts that I and the others have received. I leave the circle in the moonlight all night.


Invite people

Together we are even more powerful.

The more, the merrier! This circle is for everyone! Invite people and let them participate. Maybe you start your own circle from your home with your loved ones. How beautiful is that.

The more people the more powerful. And you can also place a card for others who you think need it. The energy you give to this comes back into your life. That's how the Universe works.

Should you have any questions? Leave a message!

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