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Especially for you


What could be better than a yoga session especially for you alone or with a good friend? Or as a parent with your child? Without distractions in a full studio, with a lot of personal attention so that you can follow your yoga session with confidence.


At location

Your mat is ready and I have poured you a delicious tea. Let go of everything after a busy working day and work on balance in your life and peace in your mind. expect a professional, tailor-made yoga class, completely adapted to your needs.

Online Session

'Can't I take you to my holiday location? I get this question regularly, because it is nice to work on yourself in peace, especially during your holidays. YES! So that's possible. But it's also nice if you live a little further away or if you just don't feel like traveling for a yoga session. And YES, I can also offer you the quality you can expect from a tailor-made yoga session online! I have gained a lot of experience with online teaching in recent years and my students say about me:




- 75 minutes

- online or 'in person'

- tailor-made - for you

- you don't have to bring a mat

- extensive advice and guidance

-all levels!

- online free trial session - 30 min.

- 75 euros single session

- 69 euros per session/4 weeks

- 55 euros per session/12 weeks



- 75 minutes

- take the lesson together

- personal and tailor-made

- share the costs

- online or 'in person'

- all levels

- online free trial session - 30 min

- 89 euros per single session

- 79 euros per session/4 weeks

- 59 euros per session/12 weeks

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