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The Silent Full Moon Circle

Welcome to the Silent Full Moon Circle. On March 25 there is a Full Moon in the sign of Libra and a Lunar Eclipse will take place. Time to really take those steps and come out of your cocoon. A beautiful moment to reflect on the past year and, not unimportantly, to throw your intentions, dreams and desires into the Universe. I believe 100% in the power of intentions and communication with the Universe. The full Moon is an enormous source of power to connect us with this.

Last time there were no fewer than 50 names and intentions and EVERYONE IS WELCOME! It's FREE and my GIFT to you. This is NOT a live event, but a Silent Ceremony done by me personally. Afterwards I will share the photos and/or video with Julie.

Because I am inundated with names, I find it more convenient to do it via my website so that I can register all the names better and no one will be forgotten.

Before the start, you will also receive an explanation from me by email on how you can participate from your home to give your intentions and dreams extra energy and strength. Prefer  (also) make your own circle? readhere how to do that!

Love, Aliye

Leave your name and/or intention here

Everyone is welcome!

 Spread some Magic. - Alle goeds voor jou. ✩
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