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Waar het licht schijnt, kan het niet donker zijn 

Welcome in my world......


 When i was 17, i've got a " out of my body " experience. Since then  i devote my life to the teachings of my Soul.  i've studied  and practised all types of meditation and yoga. I've been through different episodes in my life and always supported by yoga and meditation. I've followed many workshops, retreats and education in meditation, mindfullness and yoga. ( Ashtanga, Iyengar & Hatha Yoga) .It has given me a lot of happy moments, value and realisations. And i'm still learning every day! 


 I love to teach yoga and meditation to every one and i feel it should be open for every one as well. 


II feel an immense joy when i practise and i would love to learn you to experience the same! With yoga and meditation you will be able to establish a inner strength and see the world as a place where you've got many possibilities.

It's my biggest passion to practise together and discover your own possibilities. 


I'm educated by Pure Yoga Teacher Teachings and have followed several other workshops etc. 

I'm an official teacher since 3 years. And i organise YogaRereats, Andalusia, Spain. I love the ocean, it's the place where my Soul is dancing. I would love you to learn to experience the same. 

Yoga is for me: life itself, inspiration, passion and abondance. what makes you happy? What are your happy moments? I would love to create them as much as possible. 



Soulware was born from a deep wish to follow " the call of my Soul". 

 In all of us is so much potential and your life will  become simply more happy when you follow the path of your Soul.

My way to come here, was a long one. I've received many, many lessons to find my inner strength and to live from my heart & Soul. 


Read my personal story  here

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