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Hatha Yoga

.A flexible body gives a feeling of freedom.


Hatha Yoga makes your body flexible and relaxed. It's great to do after work, or to start with it in the morning to give you a fresh start of the day! For totally relaxation and energy. 


Yoga means: connection, or unity. By practising yoga, you feel more connected with yourself and your body. You will discover more possibilities and space. This  will for sure influence your quality of life.

In my lessons we will practise Asana's & Pranayama's. Based on Hatha Yoga.


Asana's are yoga-poses to discover your limits and possibilities of your body and will reflect in your life as well. 


Pranayama's are breathing exercises to relax and to strengthen your yoga practise. 


After every yoga session you will receive a meditation or visualisation. 

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