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                              6 days - 5 nights

                            April 2019 - Exact date soon online!

The coastal area of Andalusia is the place I prefer the most. It is the place where I "come home", where I can breathe, and where I feel ALIVE.


Surrounded by nature, space, the mixture of the scents of the sea, pine trees & olive trees and the irresistible beautiful light.


Here you are still able to walk on the beach by yourself and breathe in the rich fresh air.


I want to take you there and to let you experience that it is wonderful to simply enjoy.

wake up relaxed with the sound of cicadas and birds

start the day with a refreshing Hatha Yoga session  

have breakfast wherever you want, together or by yourself

make contact and connect  
gain new insights

feed yourself with nature and clean air
swim in the endless sea

end the day with a meditation or a yoga session

enjoy your evening dinner in the lovely garden

enjoy long sultry evenings

have a beautiful starry sky above you

Do you feel like

The location  
We have discovered this beautiful location, where we are more than welcome. You can enjoy the beautiful views and the wonderful nature anywhere on the property. There is also a swimming pool with great terrace. 
You will have a lovely room to spend the night, with your own shower & bath.  
This beautiful location has a view over the coast of Africa. And it only takes a 5 minute walk down to a refreshing dip in the sea. From this site you walk directly into a national nature park, where you can walk for hours and experience immense views.
There is a breakfast waiting for you every day and every day you can enjoy a lovely dinner in the Botanic Garden. 
Starting the day outside with a refreshing yoga session, and ending it again with a yoga & meditation session.

Very nice spacious rooms with a beautiful view, decorated with natural materials and very good beds! With a beautiful Botanci Garden, swimmingpool and lot's of relaxation

There are hammocks everywhere to relax in, this is my favorite spot.

Rejuvenate yourself in the evening sun and furthermore: just nothing ......



We will do our utmost to make this trip as comfortable and relaxed as possible and we will leave plenty of space for your own personal needs and wishes.


However, the daily schedule will be approximately as follows:

Hatha Yoga & Meditation
Breakfast (if you want in silence, but this is not necessary)
Time to explore the surroundings.
Private sessions / Workshop
Beach time or whatever you fancy!
Hatha Yoga - Meditation
* Subject to change

What else is there to do? 


The region is a beautiful area with many opportunities to make trips etc.
The famous white villages in Andalusia, such as Vejer de la Frontera.
The famous town of Tarifa, with a historic center and its beautiful North African influences. 
The various well-known beaches in the area, such as Bolonia, Punta Paloma & Conil.
But also the many quiet beaches, where not many people are around.
Spend hours staring at the sea without having to do anything.
Surrounded by a natural parc, where you can walk for hours without encountering anyone.
Spotting dolphins.
Ride a horse.
Go mountain biking. 

Practical information

Shared room / 2 persons:    645  euro per person. 
Large privat room:                795 euro per person
Own tent:                              

♡EarlyBird discount of 50 EURO! ♡ Book before 5 June 2018! 

Are you sure you wanna come? Please register before 28 February and receive a discount of 50 euro. 


Wat's included?

♡ 5x breakfast,  5x dinner 
♡ unlimited mint / ginger / lime water 
♡ towels
♡ beds that are made
♡ 10 yoga classes of 1.5 hours. The yoga classes are open to everyone and also persons with no yoga experience are very welcome! ♡
♡ 5 meditation sessions
♡ 2 workshops
♡ You have the opportunity to make a lunch box yourself after breakfast. 
♡ use of yoga mats etc.



Wat's NOT included?


- your flight ticket
- car hire
- transportation to and from the airport
- trips, excursions, actvities etc. that are not part of the workshops

- lunch ( you can make some thing after breakfast, or enjoy the great lunch bar of the hotel (with sea vieuw!)

  or many other possibilities around. 
- private & coaching sessions (ask for the possibilities, time is reserved for this)
- travel insurance


The most convenient is to travel from the Netherlands by plane from Rotterdam, Eindhoven or Amsterdam to Malaga. But there are many more options to fly, for example with Ryanair, Easyjet, etc. Keep in mind that on the first day of the retreat you have to be present at around 5 p.m. It is also an option to book an extra day at our venue, or to extent your stay with a few days somewhere else in the area. We can advise you about a lot of other affordable super places.

Car Rent

Rent a car

We advise you to rent a car together with other retreat participants, because this saves costs. Including all-in insurance i twill cost you around 100 euros for the whole week, with a decent tank of fuel (which is much cheaper in Spain).

You can easily rent a car at Malaga airport.

It is more than a 1.5 hour drive from Malaga airport to our retreat spot. If you drive along the coast you can experience a beautiful drive.


* Own tent:

There is also a possibility to stay in a tent, which you have to bring yourself, as well as your sleeping bag etc. You can use all the other above mentioned facilities, and ofcourse also you do not have to cook for yourself. 


Registration can be done by filling in the information below. You can also use this form for questions, etc. We request an advance payment of 250 euros, directly after registration, so your place is secured.  The remaining amount must be received by us 2 weeks before the start of the yoga retreat.
Upon registration you will receive all further information regarding the location, accommodation and other practical information! .

​If you book after 30 June 2018 there is a big chance that there will not be any rooms available anymore. In that case you alwasy have the option to stay in your own tent. 

Keep in mind that there are only a certain number of places available on this special yoga location!​