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♡ e m b r a c e Your Body- 100% cashmere

Are you aware of the clothes you are wearing? The materials that touches your skin? ? 


 How lovely it is to wear soft clothes. Like cashmere. 

 At the moment i'm working hard to produce some timeless, exclusive and ultra-soft cashmere items to wear. Fairtrade and sustainable, in Nepal. 






Exclusive & special for You - After Yoga Soft Basics


To keep it exclusive and special, and to avoid over-consumption, we will produce the items special for you, or  to give to a friend as as present. You will have to wait for some weeks, as it will be especially produced for YOU in Nepal.You will be surprised when you receive this beautiful item! 


  jumper 252 euro

relaxant 272 euro

ultra soft & big scarf 309 euro

Available colors: delicious red, olive brown, black as night , blossom nude

Do you want to know more about my other fair-trade and sustainable projects? please press on the image here to check my other website! 

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